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The featured articles are one of many completed works.
If you wish to take a look at other projects, please send us an inquiry through the CONTACT section.

Shikoku, Japan


Design / Branding / UX / UI

Elementary school website renewal design.
With the worry that the previous website did not make the most out of the school's appeal, the job of renewing the site was entrusted to us. It so happened that regional promotion is within Polittle Design's field of expertise.
To clearly define who we want to appeal to, we put the children of the elementary school into the spotlight and proposed a design with "Nature" and "Nurturing children's independence" as the main appeal point.

Goldcoast, Australia


Logo Design

ZeeCaf. Nosh Co. is a cafe based in Australia.
As a cafe, a restaurant, and a company, the cafe symbolises the logo of an active owl flying off from the sun, which distinguish the cafe itself from the surrounding.



Art direction / Branding / UX / UI

This application does not only help both businesses and shops to attract more customers through better Google search ranking, but it also can help companies to connect to interested customers by making the search process easier for potential customers. To appeal to a wide target audience, we highlighted the app's usability through its simple design, making it accessible to everyone.

Haneda Airport, Japan


Design (Web / Billboard) / Branding

Import and export blockchain project.
From the founder's wish to create a design that the future generation of businessman and businesswoman— the children will gaze upon; We have coordinated the advertisement at Haneda Airport to be pop and friendly. The project's website was also designed with animations that will bring up the scenery of the children's happiness.

Tokyo, Japan


Web Design / Branding

A virtual currency project that will bring the existence of drones closer to everyone's daily life in the future.
With the scenery of a futuristic drone city in mind, we utilised the usage of a video animation on the website of the project to stimulate such visualisation towards the viewer, to appeal to potential investors.


Polittle Design is a design office that travels.
We excel at creative designs in the field of "regional promotion" and "International design".

We welcome any request for consultation nationwide.

We are currently accepting direct consultation,
face-to-face, within the following region:

Tokyo・ Saitama・ Kanagawa・Bangkok(Thai)

We can also travel to the following additional region
(for the very first appointment only):

※In some instances, other transportation expenses might be billed separately, please consult with us regarding the whereabouts of your business.

We accept consultation inquiries by video call and email to:


or designs oriented towards foreign styles and trends, from Europe and the United States to Asian countries like China and Singapore,
We're always on the look for new trendy and eye-catching designs.

Japanese design is often considered first-rate worldwide, but it might lack impact from the perspective of a foreigner.
As designers who have experiences overseas, we can help the client to connect to the foreign target audience in real time with practical designs that are eye-catching and relatable.

Polittle Design excels at creatives related to:
・"International design" and "Regional promotion."

There is no such thing as a design genre that we cannot accomplish.
Whether it's for the compassionate women, the formal businessmen, regardless of age and gender, any form of design is possible.
Of course, we also accept single orders for design・coding・translation and photography.

To fulfil our clients' requests, we pursue an efficient type of creative.

We are not artists. At Polittle Design, we are producers, directors, and consultants.
We would love to know more about the client and listen to the story of the business.
We can offer consultation during the rough sketch when the client is unclear about which direction to proceed forward.
With our client, we will consider the alternatives together, and if necessary, we will be involved in the production process, from branding to marketing advice.